Urban design

The building is located on land that is bordered to the south west street Na Križovatkách, from the north is bordered by the newly-formed private roads, along with the completed residential complex Slnečný dvor. From the west side is bordered land plot with gardens and construction of houses, placed by the Vietnamská ulica. Location ensures house quiet location, availability of public transport, while pedestrian access to the shopping center Avion Shopping Park (approx 5 min. Walking).

Architectural design

Residential house is designed in the shape of a long rectangle along the road, from which extend towards the courtyard three perpendicular arms, which form two internal courtyards, as the rest of the inhabitants of a residential building. The courtyard apartments are situated always only one arm (compared hall is located), which increases the intimacy of flats. The arms are height-graded. Towards the southwest side (from Vietnamská ulica) arm has four floors, medium rises to five storeys and regions, northeastern arm has six storeys. Connecting line between the orthogonal arms building have 2-3 floors, thus achieving very good lightnings of the apartments and  the courtyard. The facility is designed 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments. Each apartment comes with a loggia, or balcony, downstairs in the courtyard garden. On flat roofs longitudinal tract are assigned to individual dwelling roof terraces. All common areas, entrance and hallways are lit and ventilated naturally. The residential building is proposed 95 apartments and 2 commercial spaces.

Property has 2-6 residential storeys, semi-basement, which is situated parking, cellars and building technology.

Building technical solutions

Apartment building will be built as a combination of reinforced concrete and masonry infill Porotherm. Will be used for thermal insulation of mineral wool .100mm hr. Outer silicate plaster will be in three color combinations of white, light brown, dark gray. All railings will comaxite dark gray color in combination with boards Fundermax. Windows in the apartments are projected white plastic. Shape are classified according to the needs on the French windows and windows with sills. Windows entrances are aluminum, dark gray color. All internal plaster will be lime.

Roof above the top floor are designed as flat, finished attics. Section of the roof, which is part of the roof terrace, is designed as a trafficable inverted roof. The roof over the basement, between the arms of the object will be used as a walk-on roof terraces with extensive greenery.

Contact information

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